Medical NLP Health Practitioner Licensed Training

Become a certified Society of Medical NLP Health Practitioner in just seven entertaining and enlightening days

The Acumedic Foundation and The Society of Medical NLP have come together, for the first time anywhere in the world, to present a ground-breaking new training specifically tailored for acupuncturists and complementary therapists. Also suitable for clinicians and medical professionals.

Earn 48 hours’ CPD credit

Learn how to …

  • acquire explicit new techniques to approach a wide range of complex, chronic conditions
  • improve clinical outcomes in your own field
  • enhance existing skills and integrate them seamlessly with all specialties
  • reduce and resolve stress (both patient and practitioner)
  • master the language of hypnosis and indirect influence
  • orientate patents towards healing and health
  • create your own, unique techniques for lasting change
  • optimise time you spend with clients
  • reduce risk and increase patient satisfaction

                                              … and much more


What is NLP?
NLP, the acronym for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, is often described as “the study of excellence”. Created and developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the 1970s, it sought to identify and replicate the behavior of highly successful people, specifically in the fields of psychology, business and sport.

What is Medical NLP?
Medical NLP, now recognised by Dr Bandler and his Society of NLP as a discrete field in itself, developed out of a growing concern with the difficulties faced by mainstream medicine to deal with the flood of complex, chronic conditions that failed to respond to conventional, and even many alternative, treatments. Around 40% of conditions for which patients consult medical practitioners have no specific cause.

Until now, participation in Medical NLP trainings has been restricted to allopathic doctors, allied health professionals and medical students. This course opens the door, for the first time in the world, to complementary and alternative medical practitioners with a view to sharing the knowledge and clinical experience of the creator and developer of Medical NLP, as well as that of hundreds of health professionals who have been using the principles and techniques of Medical NLP in the field for more than 20 years.

About your trainersIMG_0254

Garner Thomson, NLP Master Practitioner and Master Trainer, and founder and training director of the Society of Medical NLP, is the creator and developer of the Medical NLP programme taught to doctors, allied health professionals and medical students since 1996. Trained in NLP by Dr Richard Bandler, and with a background in psychology, psychotherapy, communications, clinical hypnotherapy and trans-cultural and integrative healthcare approaches, he also runs a busy Medical NLP and hypnotherapy practice, writes and lectures widely and appears on radio and television, both as presenter and guest. He is the author of Magic in Practice: Introducing Medical NLP, the Art and Science of Language in Healing and Health (Hammersmith), now in its second, extensively revised and expanded, edition and co-founder, with Dr Khan, of The Society of Medical NLP.

Dr Khalid Khan is a primary care physician, GP trainer, undergraduate tutor for King’s College London School of Medicine, former community pharmacist and Licensed Medical NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Trainer. He is a medical acupuncturist and Fellow of the Chinese Medical Institute and Register (CMIR). Author of the popular Mnemonics & Study Tips for Medical Students (CRC Press), Dr Khan is a co-founder and primary care advisor to the Society of Medical NLP.

On completion…

On successful completion of the course, participants will receive licensing as a Medical NLP Health Practitioner, accredited by both the Society of Medical NLP and Dr Bandler’s Society of NLP. The training yields 48 hours’ Continuing Professional Development credit.

Participants will also be automatically registered as members of The Society of Medical NLP, a unique concession that gives them access to lifetime support and advice, as well as a forum to share their experiences and learn from other course graduates of the course.

Course fee, including licence: £1,887

Discounted rate of £1,678:

  • Early bird (confirmation and payment by March 15, 2017),
  • CMRI members
  •  Society of Medical NLP licence-holders
  • Trainee doctors
  • South London Faculty Royal College General Practitioners
  • Group discounts available

Places are limited, so book now




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