This course allowed me to reconnect with my compassion without the fear of burn-out. I now have new tools to guide previously challenging patients forward to a safe, productive, and, hopefully, happy future. Thank you.

– Dr Pat Wong

This was an even more amazing experience than the first time. It exceeds all expectations!

– Dr Jo Leahy

Thank you for this life-changing experience which I hope to incorporate in my work.

– Dr Caroline Freeman

This is my second time on the Health Practitioner course. It was every bit as powerful in opening my consciousness to new approaches, and has fired up my imagination to find new directions in my daily work. Thank you!!

– Dr Chris Brown

I loved all the anecdotes. These have made the content more real and applicable. My original concerns were how I would see these concepts being put into practice, but I found Garner’s anecdotes consolidated a lot for me.

– Dr Melanie Abey

The Medical NLP course is fantastic. It introduced us to lots of new ideas and techniques. I’ve already found the various approaches greatly enhance a patient’s confidence in your and the treatment’s abilities to help them get better. This is an extremely powerful tool.

– Dr Khalid Hasan

Fantastic humour. A new exerience of looking at patients, our work and our own lives. Thank you for reintroducing me to the right side of my brain.

-Dr Elizabeth Anderson

An excellent course … It’s brought a system to what I’ve been trying to do intuitively, but without really knowing what I’ve been doing and how I was doing it.

– Dr Richard de Chazal

NLP has played an important part in my own recovery from leukaemia, and, as a practising doctor, I think a lot from this course can also be applied in general practice as well as in other situations, such as helping children and other family members.

– Dr Naveed Tippu

Amazing. It astounded me how much I got to know…Garner Thomson is an excellent instructor who teaches you more than you think.

– Dr Syed Farooq Ahmad

Garner Thomson is a great and inspirational teacher…he made it evident from the practical nature of the course the things we could do right now to help our patients and ourselves.

– Dr Penelope Burton

This course opens up new horizons and I’m very excited about putting it into practice…an excellent practical demonstration of what good communication really is.

– Dr Winnie Kwan

I’ve learned a lot about analysing what happens and how to listen and communicate and get precision into that communication. That in itself will be massively useful…I felt more energised at the end of the course than I did at the beginning.

– Dr Patricia Muttrie

All pictures on this page are posed by models

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