Medical Neuro-Linguistic Programming™

From theory to practical application, the world’s only official training in Medical NLP™

The Society of Medical NLP™ has been bringing Medical Neuro-Linguistic Programming™, communication excellence, solution-oriented strategies and clinical hypnosis to doctors and other front-line health professionals, health sector managers and their teams since 1996. Our licensed and CPD-compliant trainings are exclusively authorised by both The Society of Medical NLP and Dr Richard Bandler’s Society of NLP.

Why Choose Us


Medical NLPTM was created and developed by Garner Thomson to help approach the plethora of complex, chronic conditions now threatening to overwhelm health services worldwide.


The Society of Medical NLPTM is the only organisation world-wide that is recognised by Dr Richard Bandler, co-creator and developer of Neuro-Linguistic ProgrammingTM, as offering licensed training in Medical NLPTM


Health coaching is now recognised by many health services as a major contributor to improving recovery rates and reducing hospital stays. Our trainings provide easy, practical and effective tools to this end.


The Society of Medical NLPTM is committed not only to providing training at the highest professional level, but also by offering to support graduates by supervising and advising Practitioners or Master Practitioners who need our assistance.


The Society of Medical NLPTM encourages free and open discussion among graduates as a key to building security and experience. All course participants are invited to join our secret group on Facebook.


Society of Medical NLPTM graduates have consistently developed new and effective approaches to healing and health, based on the tools we provide during both our Health Practitioner and Master Health Practitioner trainings.

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