About Us

The Society of Medical NLP was formed to provide advanced professional training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis as an application of NLP for all medical and healthcare professionals.

Our aims: To expand and enhance the quality and effectiveness of communication between healthcare professionals and their patients and clients, to demonstrate the validity of advanced NLP-based treatment protocols to all specialties, and to provide training and support at the highest possible level.

The Society also seeks to make systematic and effective consultations available to those seeking help with issues of health or well being by developing and applying the approach and principles as created, developed and envisaged by Dr Richard Bandler. All treatments therefore recognise and uphold an integrated model of medicine based on the most powerful and effective of all healing equations: the mutual and respectful relationship between the doctor/practitioner and the patient.

In the United Kingdom, Society of Medical NLP trainings have gained CDP (formerly PGEA) status and in 2003 was introduced as a Special Study Module for a number of students at Guy’s, King’s and St Thomas’s, Europe’s largest school of medicine.

The Society conducts regular Medical NLP Health Practitioner and Master Practitioner licence courses. A series of one- and two-day workshops with different themes are also available, and further trainings are scheduled in the UK and abroad and will be announced on this site.

About Your Trainers

Garner Thomson
Garner Thomson, NLP Master Practitioner and Master Trainer, is the creator of the pioneering Medical NLP programme. Medical NLP is a field developed out of the work of Dr Richard Bandler, integrating Neuro-Linguistic Programming, solution-oriented psychotherapy and advanced communication skills into mainstream medical practice.

At the request of a number of doctors who became interested in the results achieved in his own practice by his non-invasive, drug-free approach to chronic illness, he began to share his experiences with health professionals of all specialties in 1996.

In 1998, he founded The Society of Medical NLP, with the support of Dr Bandler, and clinical advisor and GP trainer Dr Khalid Khan. He assembled a group of professional advisors, including specialists in primary care, and consultant physicians in pain management, surgery, anaesthetics, care of the elderly, psychiatry, paediatrics, nutrition and nursing, all of whom trained with him in Medical NLP and communication and consulting skills.

Since then, he has taught several hundred doctors, dentists, psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, and allied health professionals from the United Kingdom, continental Europe, China, North America, Australia, Canada and India.

Garner has been a regular guest and presenter on British radio and television, and is author of Magic in Practice – Introducing Medical NLP: the Art and Science of Language in Healing and Health, co-author with Dr Richard Bandler of The Secrets of Being Happy, the Technology of Hope, Health and Harmony and editor of Dr Bandler’s best-selling book on hypnosis, Trance-formation.

He is currently at work on another book, on the practical application of recent scientific research on accelerated learning, and is also editing, Living History, Dr Bandler’s forthcoming book on the influence of famous thinkers on the development of NLP.

Dr Khalid Khan
Dr. Khalid Khan, course facilitator of the Medical NLP Health Practitioner training and Primary Care advisor to the Society of Medical NLP, is a full time General Practitioner, GP Trainer and a Seminar Leader for Guys, Kings and St Thomas’ Medical School.

A former Board Member and Education Lead for South Croydon Primary Care Group, Dr Khan is also a Registered Pharmacist.

He is a Medical Adviser to the International Journal of Acupuncture and a Steering Committee Member for and Fellow of the Chinese Medical Institute and Register.

He is committed to integrating the Medical Neurolinguistic model in the clinical context to expand resources available to health professionals of all specialties.His book, Mnemonics for Medical Students, on accelerated learning strategies, is available at leading booksellers in the UK and abroad.

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