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Welcome to the Society of Medical NLP™

The Society of Medical NLPTM was formed to provide advanced professional training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis as an application of NLP for all medical and healthcare professionals.

Medical NLP

Medical Neuro-Lingusitic ProgrammingTM was created and developed by Garner Thomson as a means to provide health professionals of all specialties with non-invasive but clinically effective approaches to the plethora of complex, chronic conditions now threatening to overwhelm health services throughout the world. An NLP Master Practitioner and Master Trainer, psychotherapist and wellness coach, he has trained hundreds of health professionals from many different countries in the advanced communication strategies that comprise Medical NLPTM.


The Society of Medical NLPTM is the only organization world-wide that is recognised by Dr Richard Bandler, co-creator and developer of Neuro-Linguistic ProgrammingTM, as offering licensed training in Medical NLPTM. Its courses are CPD-compliant, and are designed to provide a shared model and common vocabulary between allopathic and complementary health professionals. Our courses – range from Medical NLPTM Health Practitioner and Master Health Practitioner licence trainings, through one and two-day Master Classes and specialised blocs, to on-line and blended trainings in advanced communication skills, clinical hypnosis, and professional and personal development.

Health Coaching

Most graduates aim either to incorporate their experience of Medical NLPTM into an existing specialty or to embark on a new career. In either case, our training, especially at Master Practitioner level, provides the foundations upon which clinical excellence can be built. As the concept of ‘therapy’ falls further out of favour, health coaching becomes increasingly more relevant to today’s result-oriented and time-poor patients and clients. Strategic Health Coaching, as a function of Medical NLPTM, offers a practical, easily acquired, skill set aimed to restoring function and coherence in the shortest possible time.


The Society of Medical NLPTM is committed not only to providing training at the highest professional level, but also in supporting its graduates in their careers following completion of their studies. To this end, we offer a unique service – lifetime supervision, support and advice. Graduates may opt for formal supervision (fee-bearing), or support and advice regarding their day-to-day work issues (free). We also offer professional consultation analysis, via video recordings, to professionals who wish to improve their clinical skills.


The Society of Medical NLPTM encourages free and open discussion among graduates as a key to building security and experience. On completion of the Health Practitioner licence training, course participants are invited to join our secret Facebook group. Here, it is possible to share and discuss their experiences in a safe and supportive environment. Newcomers hold exactly the same status as experienced practitioners, and each can benefit from the other’s unique perspective, challenges and accomplishments.


Society of Medical NLPTM graduates have consistently proved the value of our unique take on imparting knowledge and encouraging innovation. An important part of our licence training, starting at Practitioner level, is to provide participants with an understanding of underlying principles and therefore the means to create their own techniques and interventions. By feeding these back into the repertoire of other members, the field of Medical NLPTM is constantly expanding and improving.